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  The Aikido Association of North America is a nation-wide organization of dojos and
  aikidoka dedicated to providing the best in aikido training and education.



Holiday Schedule

The dojo will be closed Wednesday, December 24th through Friday, December 26th for the Christmas holiday, and Wednesday, December 31st for the New Year.

Hatsu Geiko Shiki - New Year Dojo Opening Ceremony

Saturday, January 3rd, 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Make sure to attend Hatsu Geiko Shiki, the yearly dojo opening ceremony where we welcome the new year.

Reminder: Yearly Dues

Don't forget to pay your yearly dues for 2015! You can also sign up as a new AANA member for 2015.

You can still pay your 2014 AANA yearly dues.

Kancho Clinic I - Aiki Concept

January 24th, 12:15 - 1:30 PM

Kancho's Clinics consist of six clinics offered bimonthly over the course of a year, all covering a general concept in Aikido. The 2015 Kancho's Clinics will focus on three different ideas, Aiki concepts, Aiki lineages, and self defense.

The first clinic of the year will consist of various Aiki concepts.

Register for all six clinics in 2015

Register for Clinic I


At A Glance ...

Class Schedule


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