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2018 Kancho Clinic Series

Register for all 6 Clinics

Register for all 6 of Kancho Clinic’s and Save!


January-Aiki Concept

Kancho Clinic I, January 27, Saturday: 12:15pm, Aiki Concept

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March-Self Defense

Kancho Clinic II, March 17, Saturday: 12:15pm, Self Defense

May- Aiki Linage

Kancho Clinic III, May 12, Saturday: 12:15pm, Aiki Linage

July-Aiki Concept

Kancho Clinic IV, July 14, Saturday:  12:15pm, Aiki Concept

September-Aiki Linage

Kancho Clinic V, September 15, Saturday: : 12:15pm, Aiki Linage

November-Self Defence

Kancho Clinic VI, November 10, Saturday: 12:15pm, Self Defense


10th Annual DAI Seminar

Register for Both Days

October 20 + October 21, 2018: Fee:$125
Seminar-I(Sat): 10am-12:30pm,
Seminar-II(Sat): 12:30pm-2:30pm,
Seminar-III(Sun): 9am-11:30am, Demo: 11:45am-12:45pm

Register for Saturday Only

October 20, Saturday: Fee:$110
Seminar-I(Sat): 10am-12:30pm,

Seminar-II(Sat): 12:30pm-2:30pm

Register for Sunday Only

October 21, Saturday: Fee:$85
Seminar-III(Sun): 9am-11:30am,

Demo: 11:45am-12:45pm

Immersion Gakushu Class Series

IGC Spring

Immersion Gakushu Class, March 31, Saturday:12:15-3:15pm


IGC Summer

Immersion Gakushu Class, August 4, Saturday:12:15-3:15pm


IGC Fall

Immersion Gakushu Class, December 1, Saturday: 12:15-3:15pm



Winter JO

February 24, 9am-12pm: Fee: $95

Summer Bokken Workshop

June 23, 9am-12pm Fee: $95

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Doshinkan Aikido, Introduction Book

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Doshinkan Kyu Techniques Books

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Buki Sojiysu DVD

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Buki Waza Intro Dvd

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